Training Materials

Training material for domestic violence experts on working with healthcare providers

Training material for domestic violence organizations on how to best work with healthcare providers is available for free download in English. These PowerPoint slides address good practice protocols, why older women may not leave abusive situations, ageism and sexism, assessing markers and symptoms, dementia, and how to support older women victims of violence, among other topics.

  1. Abused older women - dementia
  2. Assessment of markers and symptoms - possible elder abuse
  3. Assessment of markers - elder abuse
  4. Complex historical trauma - PTSD
  5. Supporting older women
  6. Elder Abuse - Ageism, Sexism
  7. Elder Abuse - Suffering Stigma
  8. Elder Abuse as a Challenge - why they don’t leave
  9. Good Practice Protocols
  10. Supporting older women - empowerment